Established in 1951 and having three factories covering a total area of 25,000 square meters with 210 employees, GULIPEK is a fully integrated textile mill manufacturing flame retardant yarns and fabrics for protective workwear for various industries and military end-uses. Having a spinning capacity of 1000 tons/year,our brand-new spinning plant is capable of blending up to 8 different fibers at accurately calculated ratios. Our Weaving/Dyeing & Finishing plant has an annual capacity of 5,000,000 sq meters.Our flame retardant fabrics are produced according to ISO 9001:2008 and OEKOTEX Quality Assurance standards. Being manufactured with inherently flame retardant yarns,our fabrics are permanently durable to wet launderings.Our FR fabrics are certified by internationally approved test laboratories to comply with relevant industry and military standards.


Gulipek manufactures a broad range of technical fabrics for the following areas of application:
FR workwear fabrics for petro-chemical & natural gas 
EN ISO 11612:2015 & NFPA 2112 (U.S.A.)

Flame & fire resistant clothing for metal industry, 
such as Iron & Steel plants, Founderies, Aluminum mills.
EN ISO 470-1

Flame retardant fabrics for fire brigades to pass EN 469 
standard for clothing.
EN 531:1995

Anti-static & flame retardant fabrics against electric arc 
in power plants.
EN ISO 1149-3 and EN ISO 61482-1-1

Flame retardant fabrics for wildland fire-fighters.
NFPA 1977 (U.S.A.)

Anti-bacterial fabrics for hospitals and medical care.
BS EN ISO 22612:2005

Fabrics in compliance with industrial washing procedure.

EN ISO 15797

Fabrics with high-visibillty properties.

EN ISO 20471 High Visibility Standard



In our brand new spinning mill, we produce multi-blend
technical yarns by using the following fibers;
Meta Aramid (Teijin, Kermel etc.)
Para Aramid (Teijin, Kolon)
Antistatic Fiber (Belltron)
FR Viscose Fiber (Lenzing)
Modacrylic Fiber (AT 415-LOI 34)
Worsted Wool Fiber (Australian Origin)
HT PA 66 (EMS)
PBO Fiber (Zylon, Toyobo)
Yarn Count Range: Nm 20-100